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Made with 100% CottonHow it works

First Step

  1. Gather raw cotton fibers: Harvest or purchase raw cotton fibers, which can be collected from the cotton plant’s seed pods.

  2. Clean the fibers: Remove impurities, such as leaves and seeds, from the cotton fibers by cleaning them.

  3. Carding: The cleaned cotton fibers are then passed through a machine called a card, which aligns the fibers in the same direction and removes any remaining impurities.

  4. Spinning: The carded cotton fibers are then spun into yarn using a spinning machine. This process involves twisting the fibers together to create a strong and continuous thread.

Second Step

  1. Plying: The spun yarn is then wound onto a spool or bobbin to create a compact and organized thread.

  2. Dyeing: If desired, the thread can be dyed any color using natural or chemical dyes.

  3. Finishing: The thread is then subjected to heat setting, which helps to strengthen and stabilize it, and winding into skeins or hanks for use in weaving or sewing.

  4. Quality control: Finally, the thread is inspected to ensure that it meets the desired quality standards, such as thickness, strength, and color consistency.

Final Step

  1. Fabric preparation: Start by sourcing high-quality 100% cotton fabric and cutting it into the desired t-shirt shape and size.

  2. Sewing: Use a sewing machine or hand-sewing to stitch the pieces of fabric together, taking care to ensure the seams are strong and the t-shirt fits properly.

  3. Finishing: Finally, hem the sleeves and neckline and finish any other necessary details, such as adding labels or buttons. Wash and press the t-shirt to remove any creases or wrinkles, and it is ready to wear.

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